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GMO: the pointless label

When it comes to arguing about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) there is a big obstacle: the name GMOs describes things ranging from bacteria producing human insulin to super-sized salmons. General …

"The dose makes the poison” Already in the 16th century
Educated people knew this truth

Chemophobia and the anti-science hordes

  A band of spoiled brats is waging jihad against science. Its victim is the public and -as it happens in war- most casualties will be poor folk without the …

Karl Popper:
“A theory in the empirical sciences can and should be scrutinized by decisive experiments”

Science is based on evidence not opinion

Not long ago, a new technology that could revolutionise stem cells-based therapies was in the news. The reporting may have escaped many but the media was not to blame; this …

illustration of an in vitro cloning assay

The race to produce a human embryo by cloning is over. Now it is time to stop racing and start thinking.

Science moves fast; last year a scientific article from Shoukhrat Mitalipov’s lab (1) claimed that they had succeeded in cloning a human up to the stage of embryo and produced …

Image from The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror XIII send in the clones

Human cloning by nuclear transfer confirmed

Last year a paper came out from Shoukhrat Mitalipov’s lab at Oregon University claiming that they had been able to clone human embryos by nuclear transfer (the same method used to …

Snake Oil

Organic food does not protect against cancer. And why should it?!

    There are many valid reasons to consume organic food; protection against cancer is not one of them. A recent article in the British Journal of Cancer (the official …

scene from Frankenstein 1931

Golden Rice, Frankenfood, and the torch-wielding mob

Most scientists hate the term “Frankenfood” applied to genetically engineered (GE) crops. Activists certainly use it as an insult. But did those activists actually read Mary Shelley’s book? Mary Shelley’s …

Colony of reprogramed human cells growing on top of a feeder layer of mouse embryonic fibroblast.

A disruptive new method for generating pluripotent stem cells

  People rushing to start new experiments. I think it is fair to say that I have never seen such a level of excitement in a scientific department as I …

Homo Frankenthalensis ready to take revenge on the world (Modified fron Neandethal museum)

Can scientists clone a Neanderthal?

Is it possible to clone a Neanderthal? In theory, maybe. Last year the scientific community was outraged when the Daily Mail published an article claiming that George Church, from Harvard, …

Police forensic science support

Next generation insect-resistant plants

Farmers like genetically engineered (GE) crops because they require less pesticides and fertilizers than conventional crops. This allows farmers to save money, time, and also the environment. One of the …

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